Mediation Services
Going to court is usually the most expensive method to resolve your family law and divorce issues.

At Pennington & Smith, we offer a full array of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution options to help you resolve your case as amicably as possible and with the least cost. 

We can mediate your case for you whether you have an attorney or not.  Ralph has been a state certified mediator since 1996. He is certified to mediate cases in both the District and Superior Courts.  He is often selected by other family law attorneys to mediate cases for their clients.  Ralph is particularly skilled at mediating cases between  spouses who do not have attorneys and want to resolve their case without the cost and expense of attorneys and court.

All of our attorneys are skilled at mediating cases for their own clients.  If a family case is filed in New Hanover or Pender County and contains claims for Alimony or Equitable Distribution, the local rules require that the case be mediated before it can be tried.  Mediating the case earlier in the process may be a solution to your problems. Occasionally, we mediate cases for parties before they even separate.  We can help you understand the process and assist you in making a decision that is best for your particular case.

Whether you need a certified mediator to mediate your case or an attorney who knows all of the ins and outs of family law, we can provide for all of your needs.

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